A documentary film about giving new life to fallen urban trees.

Felled is a documentary film about giving new life to fallen urban trees.

Following a summer monsoon in suburban Tempe, Arizona, Silas and James come upon a fallen Aleppo Pine tree. As aspiring woodworkers, they’re inspired to save the tree from the landfill and craft it into something beautiful.

People love trees, and for good reason. Beyond their visual appeal, trees in urban areas offer wide-ranging benefits like purifying air, diverting storm water, and providing shade. However when these trees die they often end up in a landfill. By some estimates three-to-four billion board feet of potentially usable lumber is discarded as waste every year. Behind the scenes there is a growing movement of craftsmen, artisans and makers devoted to utilizing this neglected resource. Felled is a story about finding worth and beauty in these trees that others have thrown out as trash.

Learning as they go, Silas and James learn how to mill, dry and transform urban wood into heirloom quality furniture. Turning their attention to how the wood can create meaning for a community they build a dinner table for a local family with foster children. Through interviews with industry experts, sawyers, arborists, artists, and woodworkers, including both Norm Abram and Nick Offerman, the film highlights the growing urban lumber movement and explores themes of waste, craftsmanship, and redemption.

In telling the story of one tree, Felled seeks to inspire others to join in on reimagining the world around them and to discover the potential for beauty in the fallen and the value of creating something meaningful to share with their community.

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