A documentary film about giving new life to fallen urban trees.

Felled is the first feature length documentary from co-directors Silas Kyler and David Hildreth.

The film was conceived when Silas drove by a storm-felled tree in the Maple Ash neighborhood of Tempe, Arizona, and wondered if he could turn it into something useful and beautiful. David was inspired to tell the story of a tree destined for the landfill but redeemed to make a dinner table for friends and family to gather around. With partial funding from a Redemption Outward Focused grant, they began production in Summer 2014. The film documents the construction of the table and features people across the country who value the ecology of urban trees.

Silas and David are also the authors of The Art and Craft of Wood: A Practical Guide to Harvesting, Choosing, Reclaiming, Preparing, Crafting, and Building with Raw Wood from Quarry Books.

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